If you’re thinking about a career change, or looking for a career that has a lot of jobs available, you should consider a career as a programmer. Learning to programme is much easier than it seems, and taking online programming classes makes learning easy and affordable. Have you ever thought of being a computer programmer? Maybe it’s on your radar, but you’re not sure what the benefits of a code career might be. Here are just five reasons why becoming a computer programmer in 2020 will be the best career move you’ve ever made!

    1. You’re going to be on demand

   Programming jobs have always been and will always be on demand. As a society, we are becoming more technologically advanced and more digitalised. This means that those who can code will always be searched for. Not only does this mean that there is an abundance of jobs, but it means that salaries are high and you will never be out of work. There is a specific need for coders who have expertise in advanced fields such as AI, block chain and machine learning.

    2. More opportunities for your current employer

   Almost every country is in need of computer programmers. From the creation of code to automation processes and the development of new solutions, programmers are very much needed. If you can code or learn how to do that, your employer will want to keep you under control. As the company grows, it can give you the ability to grow with the company and take on more tasks and responsibilities to move forward.

 3. Less effort than other high-paid jobs

Okay, so it’s not easy to be a programmer, and it requires effort. But learning programming can be achieved relatively quickly compared to other high-paying jobs. If you want to change your career and make a good deal of money, you can do it in six months to a year. This is not something you can achieve in medicine or the law! After starting work as a programmer, you can continue developing your skills to help you keep up to date with the latest technologies. You may also develop unique sectors to further expand your job prospects. You can also hone specific industries to further enhance your career opportunities.

4. You’re going to earn more

   Job programming tends to pay a lot more than other roles. In addition, programmers may choose to work for a company, remotely, on contracts or as freelancers. There are even consultative roles in which wages are significantly higher. Average software developers can hope to earn around EUR 50,000 per year in 2020. Rates vary considerably depending on the industry, e.g. i Gaming, crypto, or fintech.

  5. You’re developing more soft skills

    Learning programming helps develop a range of soft skills. They include creativity , critical thinking, teamwork, logic and reasoning. It also helps to improve your problem-solving skills, especially while working within a time frame. In essence, the programmer is responsible for creating new ways to solve problems that require ‘thinking outside the box.’ These skills will not only help you in your professional life, but also in your personal life.

  6. Program jobs are plentiful 

      Unlike other careers where demand can quickly dry up under poor economic conditions, programmers are always in high demand. This means that you can have a wide range of potential jobs as you become more skilled and experienced in programming.

7.Training and educational requirements are lower compared to other decent pay careers. 

      Learning programming can be done fairly quickly, depending on your desire to start or change your   career. Training can be completed in six months or less. After starting a new job as a programmer, you   can continue to complete additional training courses to stay up-to – date on the latest technologies and   further enhance your career opportunities.

      8. Programming helps you develop better creativity ,           critical thinking, reasoning, and problem-solving skills.

      programmers are responsible for developing new ways of solving problems, which require the ability to develop solutions that are essentially “think-outside-the-box.”

  9. You’re going to learn constantly  

     The programmers are on a constant journey of learning. Of course, this can be said for most roles in  business, but programmers need to remain particularly well informed about new technological solutions  and innovations. The ability to harness new ideas or platforms can make a difference when it comes to   the ability of a business to remain competitive in the marketplace. Many employers will work with you   to build a development plan that will allow you to do sponsored training and obtain various   qualifications that will benefit both you and your business.

10. You will have fun

    If you’re a natural problem-solver, you’re going to enjoy the process of designing software features and      fixing bugs. You will feel a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in creating a solution that      enhances – or even revolutionises – the way a company operates. And if you have been careful to pick    a boss who knows how to reward the success of your teams, you’ll get a lot of appreciation for your       efforts!

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