New Education Policy 2020 has been announced

  1. 10 + 2 The structure of the board is dropped
  2. The new school structure will be 5 + 3 + 3 + 4
  3. Pre-school up to 5, 6 to 8 middle school, 8 to 11 high school, graduation after 12
  4. Any degree will be of four years
  5. Professional courses available after 6th std
  6. Students from 8th to 11th can choose the subject
  7. All graduates will be major and minor in the course
      Example – Physics student may also have Physics as Major and Music as minor. Any combination  he can choose
  8. Only one authority will govern all higher education
  9. UGC AICTE will be merged.
  10. All universities will have similar grading and other rules in government, private, open, deemed, vocational etc.
  11. New teacher training boards will be established for all types of teachers in the country, no state can change
  12. Any collage will get the same level of accreditation, autonomous rights and money based on its rating collage.
  13. A new basic teaching program will be created by the government for parents to teach children up to 3 years old in the home and for pre-school 3 to 6
  14. Multiple entry and exit of any course
  15. The credit system for undergraduates for each year will give the student some credits that he 
    can use if he takes a break in the course and comes back again to complete the course
  16. All the school exams will be semester wise in a year.
  17. Syllabus will be reduced for basic knowledge of any subject
  18. Students should pay more attention to practical and application knowledge
  19. For any undergraduate course, if the student completes only one year, he will get a basis certificate, if he completes two years, he will get a diploma certificate and if he completes the full course, he will get a degree certificate.There will be no year of any student when he breaks the course in between.
  20. All undergraduate course feeds from all universities will be governed by a single authority with capping on each course.

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