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(IIT Bombay)-Indian Bombay Institute has announced the dates of the 2021 Gate. Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering 2021. Exam dates are announced between 5 February 2021 and 14 February 2021.
The reason behind the increase in the examination period is covid-19. It is a good decision to maintain social distance. They announced that the examination will take place on the following dates. What’s new is that this time the exam dates are extended by 2 days the last time 4 dates have been announced for examination.
Also, Friday will also be included in the new exam dates. There’s going to be a Fri, Sat & Sun exam.

3rd year students eligible 

Students of the third year are eligible for the gate. It’s a great opportunity for 3rd year students to prepare for the gate examination. They also have two chances to crack the gate. As the record shows, in the period from 2003 to 2011, 3rd year students were eligible for the Gate. A lot of 3rd year students were ranked under the AIR 2000. Good chance to crack the gate-2021 during the exam.

Good chance to crack gate

There are no colleges open because of the covid-19 pendamic. A lot of students study online from home using electronic gadgets. So a lot of hours are saved by college students because travel time and other time 3-4 hours are saved by students every day.
So these hours can be used to study. Remember when we start going to college. You’ll definitely have less time to study for the exam.
Batch students from 2020 can also try to crack the 2021 Gate. Because no one can tell when the market is going to be open.

Gate previous papers 

Important Dates

Sr. No.
Gate notification announced
2nd week of July 2020
Gate 2021 registration start
Last week of August 2020
Last date to register
Last week of September 2020
Last date for submission of application
form with additional late fees 500₹
1st week of October 2020
Gate application form corrections facility
2nd week of 2020
Change of gate exam subject paper
3rd week of November 2020
Change in gender/category/status/physical disability
3rd week of November 2020
Change of test city request
2nd week of November 2020
Gate mock test release
1st week of November 2020
Admit card download
1st week of January 2021
Gate exam date
February 5
February 6
February 7
February 12
February 13
February 14
Of 2021
Gate response sheet
2nd week February 2021
Dues paper availability of gate 2021
3rd week February 2021
Answer key release
2nd week of March 2021
Final answer key release
2nd week of March 2021
Scorecard release
3rd week of March 2021

Gate2021 Official Website : https://www.gate.iitb.ac.in/

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