Today we will talk about robotic engineering because according to IFR International Federation of Robotics. Robotics is a most increasing world’s biggest business. Robots over tracking humans in terms of physical ability. Also robots can over takes the humans in terms of mental ability. Yes you are reading right, because some companies are working on the mental ability of robots. These robots will be capable to work with doctors, engineers, advocate, soldiers, editors, accountants and salesman.

If you see the scenario of robots then we will found the lots of robots are placed in automobile industries. If we see the plant of Ford vehicles, there are more than 437 robots are place in a body shop. 95% work done is by robots. Now from these figures we can see that there is more need of Robotics in industries. 

The specification of Robotics then we will get 10 types of robotic specializations:

  1. Artificial Intelligence 
  2. Signal Processing  
  3. Computer Aided Manufacturing 
  4. Digital Electronics And Microprocessor 
  5. Medical Robots 
  6. Automation  
  7. Air Traffic Management Systems 
  8. MicroRobotics 
  9. Robot Motion Planning 
  10. Bio Cybernetics

Full information to become Robotics Engineer

Robotics is a branch of science and is a composition of mechanical and computer engineering. In which the design development, security, development of new application and research are get included in Robotics. For manipulation and processing computers are used in Robotics engineering branch. The basic engineering laws, robots development, robots application with the technical precaution are taught. Hindi design instruction, operation phase system maintenance are get include. 

Robots can be classified into four types:

  1. Industrial Robots 
  2. Medical Use Robots 
  3. Personal Robots 
  4. Autonomous Robots 

In this, most robots are seen in industrial categories. Industrial robots are programmable robots. These robots are used for production and assembly works in manufacturing. The robots are used for reduce the time of operation. By industrial robots building painting and assembly of parts this type of work are done by robots.  Assembly, cutting and assembling automobiles part these works done by robots with speed and accuracy.

Now we will see, what we need to learn to become a robotic engineer:

In Robotics the artificial intelligence is the branch of computer engineering. In which we learn how to develop artificial mind. Artificial intelligence has agenda to build to solve the problems. 

In that two types of research are done:


This is based on “human is a versatile”. That’s why human study is important to copy the human in the form of robots. 

2) Event full 

This is related to basics general knowledge of universe. Robotics specialist designs such a system, which we can get interacted to the machines. If we talking about Robotics then the engineering is a much needed qualification.

In this field the electronics mechanics and computer science this type of knowledge is get included. That’s why to make career in Robotics this knowledge is important. If you want to become a special is in design and control, then you have to go for mechanical engineering degree course.

If you want to become a specialist in control and hardware designing then you have to go for electrical for electronics engineering degree. Those students wanted to build a career in Robotics they should be good in mathematics. Also in 12th class the mathematics and physics should be included in their syllabus. For make a career in Robotics engineering it is primary important to get a degree in computer engineering, mechanical engineering, mechatronics engineering, electronics engineering or electrical engineering.

If you go for higher education then the chances to get to be Robotics engineer will get increases. If talk about masters degree then you can grow your career more. Also in robotics with master’s degree you can earn money. Lots of engineering colleges offering masters degree. In that syllabus control system, sensor and navigation system, Robot simulation, man-machine interaction and machine learning subjects are included.

Job Opportunities

If you’re talking about job opportunities in India and world according to . In 2014 137 thousand peoples was working as Robotics engineer many engineer was worked in manufacturing sector. In between 2014 to 2024 the more job opportunities will be create. Those people done his Robotics engineering they have to chance to go and work with ISRO (Indian Space Research and Organization). Also, there is scope in manufacturing sector of microchips. There is lots of scope for robotics engineer. Due to specialization in Robotics engineering, the manufacturing, agriculture, mining, atomic energy generation offer lots of jobs. Therefore there is a more scope in Robotics engineering. I hope this article will give you a clear idea about the Robotics engineering for more information about career. You can subscribe this blog. 

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