Best Platforms to Teach Online and Earn Money

In this article I will discuss about the best platforms to teach online and also earn enough money. These all platforms are trustable platforms that means there will be no issue of payment. I am telling you from the educator’s reviews. These platforms are giving you enough money to satisfy your needs. If you are interested in teach a subject. The subject which is your favorite subject right from 4th standard to final year of graduation. You can teach any subject in that platform. Now we will see all these platforms one by one. For any query regarding this article please share with us. Feel free to drop message.


1)    Learnpick

This platform is best platform for those who are interested to take classes. You can teach here as an institution. Means if you have any type of private institution then you can register your tuition classes. If you are single person to join this platform then you can register as a educator. A best thing about this site is that you can charge your fees as per your wish. Site will not decide your payment. You can charge as much you want. So obviously you can join this platform easily. You will get lots of subjects to teach here.

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2)    Byju’s

Byju’s learning platform is most popular online learning platform in India. This was a sponsor of last cricket worldcup. You can understand the brand value of this site. Which give us a guarantee of payment. This platform pays in lacks. Lots of educator earns money in lacks. But there is one restriction here. You can not apply here anytime. When there will be vacancies then and only then you can apply for the vacancies. If you are good in any 11th or 12th class subject then you should apply for these vacancies.

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3)    Unacademy

The unacademy is biggest online learning platform in India for competitive exams. It also pays more money for educators. It pays 4000 ₹ for 5000 views. And having defined structure. If you are preparing for any competitive exam. Then definitely you should teach here and also learn here. If you get grow on unacademy and get become a plus member then you will got more benefits. Plus member educator earns more money. Also get the 5 lacks rupees insurance and many more benefits.

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4)    Vedantu

Vedantu is also a big and best platform to teach online. Vedantu is also pays more to educators. At least they pay 17000 ₹ per month. So that’s why it pays more money. Here you can teach part time and full time. As per wish as per time you can teach here. And also you can teach here from 4th standard to 12thstandard’s students. Also you can select any subject to teach.

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5)    Chegg

This is different type of online learning platform. Actually I called it as query solving platform. Suppose one student learning a subject. And if he has any type of query then he will put that query on that platform. And then you can solve the query and he will pay you for solving the query. And that payment you will get in us dollars. This is a one type of doubt solving platform. And if you are interested that you can join this platform as a doubt solver. And also students give you reviews from which you can build your profile and can earn more money.

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6)    Youtube

Youtube is a platform where you can teach to the students and also can earn money from this platform. But while growing on this platform you need more patience. You have to gain more views and more subscribers. It takes near about 1-2 years to earn enough money. But it is very big and good platform. And gives you more popularity and platform. And one more thing about youtube is that you will be watch in whole world. There is no area binding.

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