(1) Name of examination combined defence services (CDS).
(2) This exam is condected by UPSC exam.
(3) that exam level is national.
(4) Exam frequency is twice a year.
(5) Exam mode is online & two hours.
(6) That’s a two different language of questions
Papers in two language is Hindi & English.
(7 ) Their Exam fees are 200₹ For Men & Women.
(8) Thats exam purpose for to select students as commissioned officers in Indian Army, navy &
air force.

(9) CDS exam will be condected across various cities.
(10) CDS exam is negative marking.
(11) You can apply for CDS for IMA,INA,IAF,OTA. 
(12) IMA- Indian Military Academy.
        INA-  Indian Navy Academy.
        IAF – Indian Air force.
        OTA – Officer Training Academy.
(13) You can Apply for CDS this official Website.


Subjects for cds

1. English – 100 Mark
2. G.K – 100 Mark 
3. Elimentry math’s – 100 mark

For  OTA Chennai

  1.   English  100 Mark’s
  2.   G.k  100 Mark’s

Second CDS Exam 2020

Third Process of Selection in CDS

(1) online exam. 
(2) candidates qualifying the CDS exam will be called for SSB interview for intelligence &  test.

(3) there are two stages in SSB 1. Psychological aptitude &  2. Intelligence test.

(4) SSB select candidates will have – IMA,INA,IAF,OTA.

Academy Address

1. IMA – Dehradun.

2. INA – Ezhimala (keral).

3. IAF – Heydrabad.
4. OTA – Channai.

(1) Men Cadets  
PC  (permanent commission)

(2) Women Cadets
SSC  (services commission)
Just apply for OTA Chennai.

Eligible Criteria for CDS

1.IMA – Degree of 3 years/ 4 years any stream
Bsc,Bca,Bba,Ba,Bcom, B-tech
2.INA-  Only Engineering students can apply for INA ( , Be).
3. IAF – Any Degree allowed with compulsory English, Physics & Math Subject’s in class 12th.
4. OTA – Any Degree you can apply for OTA.
5. Minimum 50 % in your final year.
6.And you can repeat For CDS & SSB interview.

Subjects for cds

1. English – 100 Mark
2. G.K – 100 Mark 
3. Elimentary math’s – 100 mark

For  OTA Chennai

  1.   English  100 Mark’s
  2.   G.k  100 Mark’s


Syllabus of English.
1.Antonyms, Synonyms.
2.Spotting Errors.
3.Sentence Improvement.
4.Word Substitution, selecting words.
6.Ordering of Sentences.
7.Ordering of words in a Sentences.

Syllabus of General knowledge

4. Geography.
5.Basic Biology.
statements True / False.
6. 10+2 Basic Physics.
7.10+2 Basic Chemistry.
8. About Defence.
9. Environment , Culture. 
10. Current , Awareness.
11.sociology , Awards , Sports , Book’s.

Mathematics Elementary
They asked in math Trigonometry, Geometry, Mensuration& Statistics, Algebra, Arithmetic

2.Numbers System 
They asked Natural numbers, integers, Fundamental operation, Rational & Real numbers, Addition & Subtraction, Division & Multiplication,Time Distance, Work,Sqaure roots, Decimal fraction, Percentages , Application to simple And compound , Interest, Profit & loss Ratio & Proportion , Variation.

3.Elementary Numbers
Factorisation Theorem, H.C.F & L.C.M, Logarithmic low. use of Logarithmic table,
Theory of Division Algorithm,Prime and Composite number .

They are asking Line’s Angles ,Plane figure, parallel lines,Sides and Angles of triangle,all triangles, parallelogram formula , Rectangule and spuare , Circle’s & it’s properties.

1.Areas of Square’s.
3.surface area and volume of cuboid.
4.latural Surface.
5.volume of Right Circular cones, Cylinder and surface.
6.Area and volume of Sphere.
7.parallelogram Triangle & Circle.

1. Collection & Tabulation of Statistical Data.
3.Measures of Central Tendency.
4.Grafical Representation Frequency Polygons.
5.Bar charts.

1.Basic operations.
2.Remainder Theory.
3.Theory Polynomials.
4.  Variables and their solutions.      
5.Rational Expressions & Conditional identities.
6.simple Factors.
7.HCF & LCM. of quadratic equations. 
9.Set language and Set nation. of indices.

8. Trigonometry
◾Sine x , Cosine  x , Tangent x ,When 0 Degree  
◾ Simple Trigonometry identities.
◾Use of Trigonometry table.
◾Simple cases of Heights & Distance.

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