Last year exams: it remains to be decided on a number of issues including the mode of examination, the type of questions, whether any center is needed for students who do not have internet access, etc.

New Delhi: With the Supreme Court upholding UGC ‘s directive that all final year exams (college and universities) be completed by September 30, state governments are now planning how to conduct the exams — the mode, the type of questions etc. Under the flood situation Bihar, Assam, Odisha and part of Madhya Pradesh are reeling.

Tamil Nadu: Reports said on Saturday a meeting of all state university vice-chancellors was convened to discuss the modalities of the final year exams. It has so far been decided that the examinations will be carried out entirely online. Without Internet access a few centers can be arranged for students. The universities advocate keeping the questions objective.

Maharashtra: on 31 August the Maharashtra will finalize the modalities. Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray has asked his ministry to conduct the exams with the utmost caution and in a simplified way. A six-member committee headed by Mumbai University’s vice-chancellor, Dr Suhas Pednekar, has been formed to give recommendations on how to conduct exams.

West Bengal: Universities await guidelines from the state in this regard. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has said the examinations will take place before Durga Puja in October. It’s not clear, though, whether UGC will allow any extension to the current deadline.

Several states opposed the UGC directive to complete final year exams before September as it will expose student lakhs to the threat of COVID-19 as not all universities , colleges and students have the online infrastructure. But the apex court has upheld the UGC directive and said that without final year exams , students can not be graduates.At most, the states can appeal to the UGC to seek some relaxation but all states will have to conduct final year exams.

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