Due to the global epidemic corona, the stress of students from the closed indoor and online classes for the last four months will now remove the surrender.  Understanding the problems of students and parents, the Center has prepared psychological guidelines for the first time, which will be released on Monday next week.  Through this, the mental and physical stress of the first to 12th grade students will be removed.

 If a student is having trouble due to stress, then the NCERT special counselor will remove them online.  A special toll free number will also be released for this, which will be based on the Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS).

 Students of all states, CBSE Board, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Navodaya and higher educational institutions will be able to call the counselor on toll free number and ask for help.  According to a senior official, the citation guidelines have been prepared keeping in mind the schools and higher educational institutions.  There will be different suggestions for school and higher education students.

 Yoga promotes indoor games

 The guideline will promote yoga and indoor games.  Apart from this, parents will also have tips to understand stress.  Children will also be suggested to interact with their grandparents through phone.

 What is the main cause of stress

 Students have not yet understood this epidemic properly.  For the first time, they have to stay indoors for so long.  They are getting tired of online classes too.  Explaining young children is also troubling to parents.

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